A message from the author:

After many years evaluating clients for court testimony, I began to notice the effects that chronic stress has on the brain and body. Chronic anxiety, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder seemed to result in complaints of memory loss; compromise of the immune system as well as other negative effects on health. I was inspired to write a book in order to share this knowledge with others so they could benefit from therapeutic approaches to improve their brain and body health.

This book will help you maximize your brain and body health. You can learn to change your way of thinking to handle your stressors rationally without becoming excessively angry, anxious or depressed.

Life throws us many curve balls and disappointments – deaths, divorce, mean bosses, money worries – I could go on and on. If we learn rational thinking approaches and exercise regularly with adequate nutrition and sleep, we can maximize our brain power, boost our immune systems and create a longer and happier life for ourselves.


Chronic stress not only affects our mental health and level of happiness, and leads to problems with our physical health including affecting our immune system, heart health, gastrointestinal and sexual functioning. Research has proven that prolonged high stress results in damage to our brains and our happiness.

Dr. Farrell shows how we can build our resilience and achieve a healthy and happy life by changing our unhealthy thinking patterns, attitudes and behaviors. Exercise has a significant impact on our mood, our immune system, and for the regeneration of our brain cells damaged by chronic stress. As humans we can be prone to awfulizing and catastrophizing thus thinking in ways that are harmful to ourselves.

The book promotes a life strategy for all ages that focuses on a combination of reasonable exercise and productive attitudes and behaviors – with this approach we can maximize our health and our happiness.

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